Help me save a dog for Christmas!

Floss cover StandaloneI’m donating my author’s royalties from the sale of Floss the lost puppy (Floss catelusul pierdut) to two amazing charities here in Romania.

So every copy you buy will help to rescue a homeless, sick or injured dog!

Romania Animal Rescue has a fabulous animal hospital – the Centre of Hope – on the edge of Bucharest, where the dedicated vets not only treat sick and injured dogs for free, but run a year-round campaign to spay and neuter dogs and cats. This is the BEST way to reduce the enormous number of kittens and puppies born wild or abandoned by owners to die, or struggle to survive on the streets. The vets, led by Aurelian Stefan, are a group of stellar humans who have devoted their careers, their time, energy, love and compassion to saving animals and improving their lives. Romania Animal Rescue is a US/Romanian organisation run by Nancy Janes in California, and the vets also offer veterinary training, and run education campaigns to teach kids (and adults) about dogs and cats, and what they need from their owners. You can see lots of pictures on RAR’s Facebook page. Beware – it will tug at your heartstrings!!! IMG_4968 - Pita running

14963290_1270956466309309_4439448061842892757_nThe other charity is Eli Pet Transport, which is a small Romanian-British group of passsionate and compassionate animal lovers who find, rescue and socialise homeless dogs (Claudia has 22 dogs living in her house at the moment, while she searches for loving families to take them!). Every week they drive a van-load of dogs from Romania to the UK for rehoming. The care Eli’s dogs get on the way is very special, with a high standard of accommodation for each dog (or cat) and a full-time dog nanny travelling with them all the time. There is quite a community of ‘Rommie’ dogs in Britain, now…

You can buy (or order) copies of Floss catelusul pierdut from all good Romanian bookshops and online stores, or direct from the publishers online or by phone (021 430 3095). Don’t forget: every copy helps to save a dog like Floss!