Britain’s cruel dog breeders

This is not a happy story, and I don’t like posting it, but it’s important to see that cruel, greedy and callous people exist everywhere, even in a country famous for its animal lovers.

Not understanding what dogs and other animals need from their owners – care, attention, food, protection, shelter and so on – is one thing. The people in this article are criminals, cruel, callous and greedy – they breed dogs in appalling conditions and defraud people who want a cute puppy, selling them puppies who are sick, sometimes dying.

dogs in cages

It’s very hard to read if you love dogs. It may shock you if you haven’t thought about dogs and other animals as living creatures who need our care and concern. This story is about British criminals, but they exist everywhere, in Romania too.

If you’re thinking about getting a dog for someone you love as a Christmas present this year, please go to a rescue organisation and not a breeder; rescue charities have the cutest and most adorable dogs of all ages, puppies and older, who are desperate for loving homes…

Please share this post or the article to help raise awareness of how hard-hearted criminals abuse animals.


The sad truth about animals

When Iulia Benze wrote her review, she included this thought:

“The book is an also an Animal Rights lesson, and more about this should be taught in schools.  In Romania, there are no big Animal Rights organizations, like RSPCA in UK, there are only a few little independent struggling shelters. In UK, Australia, Animal Rights representatives go in schools, kindergartens and discuss/educate animal protection. In Romania, there is no such thing, even though human and animal compassion should be in our lives from early beginnings; even though this place needs it the most.

I really hope, Arabella, it would be crucial to continue a series of charming gemlike stories to be read by grown-up and child eyes, to educate and teach through the power of the books.”